About This Blog

The purpose of the Titles and Deeds blog is to offer useful information, ideas, insights, and inspiration for every angle of real-estate investing.

As a legal blog, our foundational perspective is the law, but we understand that we offer our clients and our readers the most value when we describe the law in the context of practical business—in this case, the business of real estate.

Some of our articles will discuss real-estate legal issues. Others may discuss financing, economics, buying and selling, research, tips, renting, flipping, vacation rentals and other aspects that pass the filter of “usefulness” to real-estate investors.

We will utilize a broad interpretation of the term “real-estate investor,” which means that we hope to provide value to everyone from large developers to small businesses holding multi-family residential properties to individuals that purchase their home as an investment.

While the editor, Jarod Bona, will write some of the blog posts, we will publish articles by a variety of players in the real-estate world, each offering a different perspective that we believe will add value to our clients and readers. If you are interested in writing for Titles and Deeds, please contact us at titlesanddeeds@bonalawpc.com.

We are based in California—La Jolla, near San Diego—and will lean toward California issues, particularly when it comes to legal analysis. But we won’t limit our stories to California. Indeed, even our California readership likely have property outside of California, as that is common. And most real-estate-investor advice is generally applicable no matter where you or your property sit.

If you have ideas for articles, please feel free to email us to suggest them (titlesanddeeds@bonalawpc.com).

Bona Law PC sponsors this website. Bona Law does some real-estate litigation, but it is primarily known for its antitrust, appellate, and business litigation work. It also is an avid legal challenger to government conduct.

So why is it sponsoring a website for real-estate investors? We answer that question when we describe the editor and his real-estate investing experience and interest.

In the short term, Bona Law will develop further real-estate transactional capabilities. In the longer term, Bona Law may create an affiliate or spin-off firm that focuses primarily on real-estate transactions for investors. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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