Affordable Home Modifications That Can Improve Your Health


Author: Natalie Jones

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Your home should be somewhere you feel comfortable. It certainly shouldn’t exacerbate any of your health conditions or affect your overall wellness. Fortunately, even if you’re on a budget, there are a few changes you can make to your home that will keep your physical and mental health in peak condition.

Clear the Air

According to Mana Medical Associates, the air quality inside your home could be as much as five times worse than the air outdoors. This can be caused by how sealed up your house is, which concentrates the pollutants that get in. You can also have a build-up of toxins from chemicals or microorganisms, especially if you have a problem with moisture in your walls. Most often, you have allergens floating around in the air from flowers, dust fibers or insects.

One way to cut down on allergens and pollutants in your home is to remove the carpeting. A more efficient way to deal with those concerns, however, is to invest in a quality air purifier. When you start looking, make sure you find an air purifier with an effective filter that removes even the smallest of particles from the air. To save money, check sites like Rakuten where you can find air purifier deals and even get cash back.

Relax Indoors

Having a personal space of your own at home can do wonders for self-care and help with reducing stress. Why not turn your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere? You don’t need a big renovation to make the space more refreshing. You can swap out your regular shower curtain for a high-end one and add some scented candles. A few well-placed plants will also play up your spa-themed atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you love getting lost in a great book, a reading room or nook could be just what you need. All it takes is carving out a corner for a comfortable chair and the right lighting—a DIY window seat could even be ideal, and it’s a home upgrade that comes in under $550. If you’re up to it, you can take it a step further by making a set of bookshelves instead of buying them.

Relax Outdoors

Even if you’re not taking a hike, Business Insider explains that just being outside is beneficial to your overall health. Time outdoors appears to reduce stress levels as well as feelings of depression. It can even reduce your blood pressure and anxiety.

If you don’t have somewhere to spend that time, consider creating a patio. A patio can be fairly inexpensive to build even if you’re doing it yourself, depending on the materials you select. What matters is choosing the right patio size and construction materials. A low-cost and easy way into your project is to start with a concrete slab, and having ready-mixed concrete delivered can save you a lot of headaches. When budgeting for this kind of project, expect to pay from $8 to $18 for poured concrete.

Develop a Green Space

A great way to enjoy the outdoors is with a new hobby, and one that can help you savor a multitude of benefits is gardening. Not only does it get you some nature therapy, but it also has the added advantage of burning some calories and upping your physical fitness. Growing your own herbs and vegetables will also give you healthy options when you’re preparing your own meals.

To keep your water bills low while maintaining a garden, consider looking into a low-water design. This would include finding plants that don’t need too much water to thrive and taking advantage of the rainfall you receive. You can use rain barrels or decomposed granite that will circulate rainwater throughout your garden.

The right home modifications can help you reduce stress and keep issues like depression, anxiety and high blood pressure at bay. To stay within your budget, look for affordable options and use deal sites whenever possible. You’ll be happier and healthier, thanks to your thrifty home upgrades!


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