The Editor

My name is Jarod Bona and I have a law firm called Bona Law PC, which has offices in La Jolla, California and New York City. Before I started Bona Law in March of 2014, I was an attorney for a dozen years at the giant international law firms DLA Piper and Gibson Dunn, in offices all over the country: Washington, DC; Minneapolis, MN; Irvine, CA; and San Diego, California.

I graduated from Harvard Law in 2001 and followed that up with a clerkship in Minneapolis, MN for Judge James B. Loken of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. I grew up in Minnesota, so I knew I could handle the weather.

I enjoyed the clerkship and still apply what I learned from Judge Loken, but the best part of that year back in the Midwest was that I met my wonderful wife. And where she led me is the reason for this website for real-estate investors.

But first, I will tell you about my current legal practice. My legal work is primarily focused on antitrust and competition, appellate, and complex litigation, which has included some real-estate litigation over the years. I also founded and write for an antitrust blog called The Antitrust Attorney Blog.

Sure, I’ve done some real-estate litigation, but why am I starting a blog for real-estate investors when my professional focus has been antitrust and complex litigation?

Over the years, while I was practicing law, my wife introduced me to real-estate investing and that set us on a course of investing over the last decade. So my knowledge of real-estate investing is largely from, well, being an investor myself.

(I also have a particular interest in takings and co-authored a 2016 law review article in the Georgetown International Environmental Law Review with Luke Wake from the National Federation of Independent Business. The article is called Legislative Exactions After Koontz v. St. Johns River Management District.)

And, within antitrust, I write about real-estate and competition issues quite often.

I also have my California real-estate license (#01966480) and have entered into an affiliation agreement with the Residential and Commercial Brokerage Firm Beal Real Estate. I am excited about this relationship because Beal Real Estate is cutting edge in how they approach both business and technology.

I anticipate that real-estate services, along with many other industries, will change significantly over the next 5 to 10 years and Beal Real Estate will be on the leading edge. We have similar views on innovation and client service and I am proud to work with them. As a bonus, the founder of Beal Real Estate, Jordan Beal, is also an attorney, which creates a comfort level for complicated transactions.

My hope and intention with this blog is to meld my real-estate and legal experience to create exceptional value for real-estate investors and others with interest in real-estate.

My role with my antitrust blog is to handle all or most of the writing myself. But here, at Titles and Deeds, I am going to serve as the editor. I will write some articles myself, but my role is to bring many voices and perspectives to the website, each offering their unique perspective to real-estate investing.

We will have many legal articles, but that will be a part rather than the whole of the story we tell.

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